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Looking for the perfect winter hideaway? It can be right in your own backyard. Contact Paradise Spas for a great selection of spas from the manufactureres of Premium Leisure, Vita Spa, and Garden Leisure Spa Series hot tubs.  Locally owned and operated  in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our company offers a variety of relaxing products for your home. Create your own backyard vacation, and be the envy of all your neighbors with a spa from Paradise Spas!
Summer Spa

Picture yourself in a place where frowns curl into smiles, and anxiety is blanketed by peacefulness and water.  Like magic, you erase your body’s stress.  It’s a world that you can’t wait to get back to.  And the best part… getting back is as close as your own backyard.  Hard to describe, but you know it when it envelops you.  The cares of the day are washed away and you enter into that soft, easy place.  The load that was pulling you suddenly dissolves away in thousands of soothing bubbles… and it feels good.

Don’t you love jumping in a nice soothing hot tub while relaxing on vacation, or after a day on the slopes?  But what do you do after a hard day at work?  Paradise Spas has the solution for you.  We can set you up in your very own backyard reTREAT.  No need to wait to enjoy the benefits of spa therapy.  You can pamper yourself every day with a new, or pre-owned tub from Paradise Spas.

Backyard reTreat

Would you like to step into a crystal clean and easy to maintain spa?  We thought you might, and that is exactly what we have to offer you.  Phoenix spas come equipped with a Microban filtration system, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odors to the spa surface.  The continuous anti-microbial cleaning action makes your spa surface easier to maintain, and keeps it clean for extended periods of time.  Once you add the optional Total Sanitation System (TSSTM) mineral ion system, sanitizing your spa will become a thing of the past.  Rest assured that you can come right home from a hard days work and hop right into the cleanest spa in the neighborhood.

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